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  • Learn HOW to make sure diabetes doesn't stand in the way of you living the life you desire and deserve in the areas of mindset, fitness, diet, lifestyle, and more!
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Have You Always Wanted to Learn HOW to Feel Confident About Your Day to Day Diabetes Management Practices and Choices?  
Join us for a FREE 5 Day Online Summit Featuring 25+ Top Doctors and Experts Teaching Their Best Tools and Tactics on: 
-How to Improve Your Mindset & Your Mental/Emotional Relationship with Diabetes 
-How to Select the Best Diet, Fitness and Healthy Living Lifestyle Based on YOUR Personal Needs
-How to Form New, Empowering Habits Around You or Your Love One's Diabetes Management (From the Convenience of Your Own Home...for FREE!)

Meet Our Amazing Speakers!

Dr. Jody Stanislaw, PWD, CDE, Naturopathic Doctor,  Author, Hunger
Asha Agar Brown, PWD, Founder and Executive Director, We Are Diabetes
Dr. Brian Mowll, Founder & Medical Director of SweetLife® Diabetes Health Centers

Dr. Mark Heyman, PWD, CDE, Founder of the Center for Diabetes and Mental Health, VP Clinical Operations & Innovation at OneDrop
Damon Dash, PWD, Host of the Dash Diabetes Network + Raquel Horn, Person Who Loves Us, Co-Host, Dash Diabetes Network
Dr. Cyrus Khambatta, AKA MangoMan, PWD, Co-Founder of Mastering Diabetes and Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness
Amy Tenderich, PWD, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of DiabetesMine, & Editorial Director, Diabetes & Patient Advocacy for Healthline
Chris Ruden, PWD, Elite Powerlifter, Entrepreneur, Model & Motivational Speaker
Sierra Sandison, PWD, Miss Idaho 2014, Team Bike Beyond, Author, Sugar Linings
Christel Oerum, PWD, Co-Founder of, Competitive Body Builder

Robby Barbaro, AKA Mindful Diabetic Robby, PWD, Co-Founder of Mastering Diabetes
Meredith Marple, PWD, Author, 50 Ways of Self-Love, Founder, Belong to Love
Rodney Miller, PWD, Strongman Competitor, Founder of Bolus and Barbells
Diabetic Danica, PWD, RN, Creator of the Popular Diabetic Danica YouTube Channel 
Anna Norton, PWD, CEO at
Karen Graffeo, PWD, Program Manager, Virtual PODS Leader,
Sarah Mart, PWD, Director of Operations,
Dr. Sheri Colberg, PWD, Diabetes Motion Expert, Author, Lecturer, Exercise Physiologist 
Rachel Zinman, PWD, Founder of Yoga for Diabetes Blog, Author, Yoga for Diabetes
Fabiana Cuoto, PWD, Founder, Divabetica Blog- Brazil, Certified Health Coach
Marina Tsaplina, PWD, Founder and Artistic Director of The Betes Organization
Dr. Kenneth Gorfinkle, Founder, Common Sense Therapy, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology
Dr. Ben Lynch, President,, Author, Dirty Genes, Founder,
Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, Founder, Susan Weiner Nutrition
Dr. Phyllisa Deroze, PWD, Founder of Diagnosed Not Defeated Blog
Allison Caggia, PWD, Editorial Director, Diabetes Daily
Phil Graham, PWD, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Author, The Diabetic Muscle & Fitness Guide
Adam Brown, PWD, Author, Bright Spots & Landmines, Senior Editor, diaTribe
Walt Drennan, PWD, Bike Beyond team member + Program Coordinator, 
3x Cross Country Cyclist
Nicole Johnson, National Director of Mission at JDRF, Miss America Winner, 1999

More to be Announced Shortly!!! Stay Tuned!

Meet Your Host:
Daniele Hargenrader, founder of Diabetes Dominator Coaching, is a Bestselling Author, Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer, and International Keynote Speaker. She guides people to think, eat, and move intuitively in order to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought unattainable through her repeatedly proven Six Pillars of Total Health system of cultivating the practices and powers of self-love, choice, and community. 
Daniele has been featured in and presented at:
“If every single person could apply Daniele’s life-changing wisdom, millions of lives would be improved, billions of dollars would be saved, and the face of health in America would be entirely transformed.”
Dr. Jody Stanislaw, PWD, Naturopathic Doctor, and Author, Hunger

Learn More About the Event:

We are grateful to provide invaluable lessons from 25+ top experts and people with diabetes who have gone on to become successful doctors, coaches, bestselling authors, record-setting fitness competitors, yoga instructors, parents, bloggers, advocates, motivational speakers, founders of non-profits that do incredible work in our community, and so much more!  Here's what you will learn:

+ How to Succeed in Day to Day Life with Diabetes Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally 

+ How to Create an Empowering, Dependable Network of Peers Who Truly "Get It" When It Comes to Living with Diabetes. 

+ How to Navigate the Intense Emotional Overwhelm that Often Comes with Feeling Alone in Our Lives with Diabetes

+ Finally understand what the term "psychosocial" (that gets thrown around clinically, but is never put into terms all of us can first understand, and then do something to improve upon once we do) really means regarding living life with diabetes, WHY it is so important to understand as a patient, caregiver, or clinician, and learn a wide variety of proven tools we can all use to change our psychosocial experience with chronic disease for life. 

+ WHY self-love and self-care are the catalysts for consistently and sustainably living in an empowered, confident mindset around you or your loved-one's diabetes management practices, and HOW to put self-love into a PRACTICE that creates life-long habits.

+ How to Massively Increase Self-Confidence, and the Internal Desire to Participate in the Often Tedious Day to Day, Hour to Hour Practices That It Takes for PWD to Live Happy & Healthy Lives

+ Our incredible presenters will teach us their best tools, systems, and immediately actionable steps that they share with their patients, clients, and online community followers about HOW to easily and consistently embrace the mindset of empowerment in your day to day diabetes management practices (many of whom are living with diabetes themselves!)

25+ Experts Living the Life They Desire with Diabetes and Those Who Love & Support Us Show You How to Cultivate Empowered Mindset Practices to Live a Happy, Healthy, Confident Life!

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